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At Cork Supply, we’re committed to providing corks of the highest quality to our winery and spirits customers. For us, the perfect cork goes all the way back to the forest, where we source only the finest cork wood. At the end of the production process, the perfect cork must be delivered to our customers free of detectable TCA.

In 2011, determined to offer unprecedented quality assurance to our customers, we developed the first-of-its kind “dry soak” system, DS100, to detect and eliminate corks with releasable TCA at levels far below the sensory threshold*.

Now we’re proud to introduce a faster, automated version: DS100+. The new DS100+ technology guarantees 100% taint-free corks of any size at a rate and value that will benefit an even wider range of customers.

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We stand behind our new, faster DS100+ TCA detection process. If any of our customers receive a cork taint claim on any bottle sealed with our 100% inspected DS100+ natural cork, we will buy the bottle back. Please reach out to your sales consultant to learn more details on the Bottle Buy Back Program.

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