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Our Facilities

Every natural cork that Cork Supply delivers around the world begins its journey at Cork Supply Portugal (CSP). Headquartered in Northern Portugal, CSP controls vertically integrated operations that span the entire country and assure our corks are the finest quality.

In the South, CSP's expert team of professional cork foresters work hand in hand with growers throughout Portugal's sustainable montado region, implementing advanced forest management programs, and selecting for our corks only the finest quality corkwood from responsibly managed forests.

Just beyond the forests, in Montijo, is CSP's newly modernized corkwood preparation facility. Expanded and rebuilt in 2008 to improve the quality of our corkwood and the sustainability of our operations, our fully upgraded facility covers over 21,000 square meters. Among its many leading-edge features (designed to protect against contamination) is a sloped concrete corkwood seasoning park, a quality controlled warehouse for stocking pallets of prepared corkwood, and a high-efficiency stainless-steel corkwood boiler that enables more frequent water changes by utilizing innovative closed loop water-filtration and heat-exchange systems to reduce and conserve water, heat and energy use.


Up North, CSP has headquarters in São Paio de Oleiros, in a newly constructed facility built in 2007 to advance both the quality control of our corks and the sustainability of our operations. Covering over 14,000 square meters, our industry-leading operation integrates:

our state-of-the-art cork laboratory, outfitted with a full range of advanced sensory testing and SPME-GC/MS analysis instruments, and staffed by our expert technical team performing cutting-edge cork quality assurance and innovative cork research and developmentour fully-modernized cork production plant and warehouse, sustainably engineered to optimize quality, maximize efficiency, and minimize our environmental footprint, and staffed by skilled artisans and passionate cork quality expertsour patented Innocork® system that provides the ultimate in cork quality assuranceour main business offices and customer service center.

Nearby, in Rio Meão, CSP's cork finishing plant is where our cork experts customize each order to exacting precision. Here, our natural, technical and sparkling corks are printed and fire-branded with customer artwork, moisturized and treated for ideal bottle performance, and promptly shipped in bags sterilized with SO2 to our customers throughout Europe.

Every cork delivered by Cork Supply is subjected to the industry's strictest quality assurance regime — a continuous system that combines innovative 21st century preventative methods with documented quality assurance monitoring at every step from the forest to our customers' bottles. This includes repeated grading, mechanical and sensory testing and SPME-GC/MS analysis performed and verified by both on-premise and independent laboratories.

Moreover, all Cork Supply products are delivered with expert technical and product support.

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